Easter 2019

Happy Easter Friends and Family!

I hope all is well. We continue to keep you in our thoughts and daily prayers.

What our family have been up to, since we last wrote:

We rescued a Terrier mix dog from the local animal shelter. She is super calm and adds a balance to our wild boys. She seems very good for their emotions. We let our guineas and rooster loose to forage. They control the populations of snakes, tics, chiggers, etc. I regret keeping a cat, only because they kill every small animal bird and reptile for fun. Daniel has decided to continue at SAU, after graduating, for a Masters degree in Poli-sci, while deciding to attend Law School or not.

Well, the Bishop disbanded our scout pack, after an assistant scoutmaster registered four of her Granddaughters. He opposed the National decision to allows girls in BSA. So, we switched to our local scouts troop, who are notoriously hardcore about rustic camping and ‘high mountain adventure’. They won’t baby Kyle, but I feel obligated to keep im from too much risk.

Related to that, I switched Parishes because this one is far far too critical and judgemental for my taste. The contrast between Northern and Southern Catholic Churches is fascinating (Even from my fair and moderate perspective). The KCs raffle guns. The Homilies include a threat of potential eternal Hell if you vote for Democrats. It’s crazy, but they have a good side, which I do embrace regardless. The culture is generally polite and civil. Our new Parish is in Arkansas. They are much more humble and tolerant there.

I had to intervene with Kyle’s screentime! His friends all have smartphone access 24/7. It was a serious struggle to limit his screentime to two hours per day. I bought him a flip phone. We bought a treadmill for routine exercise. I downloaded the 5th grade 2018 National Math competition test, and we study a question, almost daily.

The house I built has been for sale since January. If it sells soon, I plan to super insulate our current house and also renovate it. I built it on the cheap, frankly. After ten years, carpets, some plumbing etc needs replacing.

I made a radical decision to replace much of our lawn with sweet potatoes (no joke). They make an ideal perennial (in growing zones 8 or higher) ground cover, and a survival crop, in the event of hard times.   

I’m eager to visit my in-laws in China, whenever we are free to do so, so I intend to get a passport this year.

We are just entertaining the idea of becoming Foster parents, because the need is so unsupported here.

I now have three physics manuscripts published on ‘researchgate’.

There is seldom anything to write about in Texarkana, other than Church and scouting. Very boring, yet luring.

Take care, Keep the Faith, God Bless,

Art, Huifen, Daniel, Kyle Rylan