2018 christmas

2018, summary for remote friends and family

Merry Christmas!

  • The most dramatic news for Art is a long awaited diagnosis of “gerd associated asthma”. For the past >15 years, I have seen multiple specialists to explain why my severe asthma was triggered by foods, but I finally have a diagnosis and treatment. I have gained 15 lbs in eight weeks, since this diagnosis and medication.

  • I finished building an 1,850 sqft house, but our accountant said it’s in our interest to wait until January to sell it. (see pic). I  built almost everything by hand: foundation, framing, sheathing, plumbing, electrical, even brick. I only had help with the main roof, hvac and drywall.

  • Kyle has matured so much, and has become charitable. He sometimes donates his allowance to local causes, and gives toys to his brother and friends. He crossed over to boyscouts early (see pics), thanks to his wonderful den leader.  He is competing in his “Memory Math” UIL course, and has the highest rating in his school for 5th grade.

  • Daniel earned his Political Science BS degree early, but is continuing an additional semester. His GPA is close to 4.0, and I didn’t hardly even speak to his administration when he enrolled. He arranged for all of his courses, scholarships and everything himself. He has decided to find employment for a year, before deciding if he should attend lawschool or some related graduate education.

  • Rylan began preschool this year. He rides the bus and seems to love school. He is the only child who likes to help me work. He is more of an action person, where Daniel and Kyle are intellectuals.

  • Huifen’s niece recently married, and we were only able to see some live video. I was surprised that the celebration is actually three days, in an expensive hotel. It must be very pricey, but the guests all contribute to the cost. Huifen is always occupied with some business. She has been encouraging me to continue building.

  • Art published three physics articles in “Researchgate.net”: Titlles: Quantum Cosmology and the Role of Consciousness, Parallax Triangulation from Displacement in Spacetime, and Quantum Gravity Unification Model with Fundamental Conservation.

  • If my health continues to improve, I'll have some more mural plans, and hopefully family traveling in 2019.

  • Some pics: